Sustainable Living Conference 2018

Schedule will be posted soon



Wild Edible Walk with Andy Firk

Wild Edible Walk with Bob Linde

Wild Edible Walk with Nancy Dwyer

Canning with Ruth Glass

Herbalism with Ruth Glass

Fermentation Basics with Jillian Ross

Hands on Fermenting with Jillian Ross

Sustainable Sewing Projects with Delphi

Seed Saving & Soil Blocking with Amelie Barry

Water Collection with Anthony Paglino

Mushroom Plugs with Terry Meer

Fertilizing Your Inner Landscape with Terry Meer

40 very common wild edible and medicinal plants of Florida with Andy Firk

Humanure with Wendel Martinkovic

Urban Gardening with Koreen Brennan

Mycelium Fun Time with John Lago-Gonzalez

Knots & Pulleys with Ethan Coy

Introduction to Solar Electric Power with Andy Karpinski

Reducing Electrical Power Use with Andy Karpinski

Small Scale Farming & Homesteading for Self Sufficiency with Jessa Madosky




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