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The Healing Drum PMCD0036
Chris Puleston & Chris Conway


Price: $12.95

There is no doubt that the sound of drums and percussion has a tangible effect on the human body and spirit. To hear a group of drummers playing together seems to awake something of a tribal memory in all of us.

Gongs, cymbals and bells always evoke a feeling of auspicious ceremony. The Healing Drum is not only a wonderful uplifting and inspirational musical journey combining a wealth of instruments and drums, but essentially an opportunity for the listener to join in and play along with their own drum.
Chris Puleston includes introductory sleeve notes and tutorial instructions on how to participate on the djembe drum. Open to all levels, you can play along or simply relax and enjoy this outstanding recording

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The Source LISTEN 
Traveller LISTEN 
The Healing Drum LISTEN 
An Irishman in Africa LISTEN 
Cymbology LISTEN 
The Seven Jewels LISTEN 
Back To The To The River LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 49:00mins
Chris Puleston - djembe, darabukah, tabla, pakhawaj, didgeridoo, udu, ghatam, talking drum, cymbals, shakers

Chris Conway - tin, low & twin whistles, keyboards, acoustic & electric 9string guitars, kalimba, voice, theremin, zither, harmonizer, effects



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