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Crystal Child PMCD0045
Llewellyn & Juliana


Price: $12.95

CRYSTAL CHILD is an instrumental healing album inspired by the beautiful indigo and crystal children.

Calming soothing music by Llewellyn and the soft angelic voice of Juliana.

Creates the perfect environment for sleep, relaxation and healing. Also ideal bedtime music for sensitive children and babies. Crystal Child includes detailed sleeve notes in the style of an interview with Sandra Sedgbeer - Publisher and Editor of Children of the New Earth.

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Crystal Child LISTEN 
Indigo eyes (for Antonia) LISTEN 
Opening hearts LISTEN 
A glimpse of Paradise LISTEN 
Crystal Child * bonus track - vocal version LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 51:12mins
Dedicated to all the special Crystal and Indigo children of the World.

Vocals by Juliana
Composed and Produced by Llewellyn




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