Basic Policy

We have a limited amount of rules at All World Acres because we expect everyone to use common sense and to be responsible for themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q;  I don't like camping, is it required?
A;  No. Many people attend festivals at All World Acres without camping. There are motels in the area and we will be happy to send you that info via e-mail on request.

Q;  Is access to the site limited during events?
A;  No. Once you have registered at the event you are free to come and go as much as you like and at any time. Many people who attend events that live in the area will commute to work and/or home during festivals.

Q;  Are fires allowed at camp site?
A;  Only enclosed in a cauldron or other above ground container that you provide. You must also bring your own wood.

Q;  What about food and drinks?
A;  You may cook at your site with camp stove or approved fire. The cafe on site provides food, drinks, and snacks at reasonable prices.

Q;  What about trash?
A;  You must bring trash bags and take your trash home with you. Please recycle.

Q;  Are alcoholic beverages and tobacco products allowed?
A;  Alcohol is allowed but you are expected to act responsibly and to clean up after yourself and take your empties home with you. There is no smoking in the cafe, the garden circle, or in the drum circle areas. Do not throw cigarette butts on ground or in community fires.

Q;  What if I am unable to attend the entire event because of other obligations?
A;  There are no attendance requirements. You may attend the festival activities that are convenient for you.

Q;  Is there a reduced admission cost if I can not be there for the entire event?
A;  No. The full event price is kept low for convenience and to be fair for everyone. It is your option to stay at the festival as much as you wish and you may come and go for no additional cost.

Q; Are pets allowed on site?
A; We no longer allow pets to be brought on site.

Q; Are service animals allowed? Service or support animals must be approved in writing before the event. Without this approval letter they will not be allowed on site.

Q; Do the camp sites have electric?
A; No, the camping area does not have any electric or water hookups. There is a sink for dish washing at the bath house.

Q; Are RVs allowed in camping area?
A; There is space for RVs near the vendor area but there are no hookups.

Q; When can we arrive at the site?
A; The gates open on the first day (Friday) at 3pm. Please try not to arrive later than 9pm but if you must, call ahead. 813-748-0761

Help and answers to questions are always available.
Email to; or call 813-748-0761.


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