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Healing Today offers Reiki classes, healing sessions, and healing circles in the Tampa Bay area. Click on Reiki image above to learn more.

Would you like to host a Reiki healing circle? Healing Today can help you host an in home or office healing circle/party. A great way to experience Reiki and share the experience with your friends and family. For more info please email to;
Healing Today 

All World Acres is available for your next event. Visit Website or Email to; AWA

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About Healing Today;
We are a not for profit organization based in Tampa, Florida. Our primary focus is sponsoring and hosting various community events including; major festivals, drum circles, healing circles, workshops, classes, seminars, group retreats, campouts,  weddings, handfastings, moots, gatherings, rituals, full moon rituals, sweat lodge, meetings. We practice tolerance and personal responsibility and expect same from all who attend our events. Open to all. We offer classes and workshops on many natural healing modalities including;  Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master, about chakras, energy healing basics, touch healing, hands on healing, therapeutic touch, herbs in healing, and other alternative and complementary healing techniques.

About this website; You will find info on the various services and products offered by Healing Today. Follow links to learn more about ReikiHerbs,  and Reiki treatments and healing sessions. You will find info on current festivals, gatherings, circles, classes, workshops, and other events.

Healing Today  is proud to serve as the coordinating sponsors of All World Acres, a sanctuary and campground that has hosted dozens of events and hundreds of people. Visitors to All World Acres have enjoyed festivals,  rituals, Native American type sweat lodges, drum circles and many other community gatherings.  Most of the facilities at All World Acres were developed by the community at work parties. AWA features a bathhouse with hot showers and flush toilets, spring fed pond, garden ritual circle, fire circle, sweat lodge, courtyard, and plenty of camping area.

All World Acres is always available to meet the needs of the Community. Whether you want to do a private ritual, group or coven retreat, or a large public ceremony, the grounds are suitable for a variety of events. There are plenty of camping sites, hot showers, flush toilets, a large open fire circle and a smaller garden fire circle. Improvements and additional amenities are an ongoing process. We generally offer three different levels of participation. Completely private - the land is yours to use with no further involvement other than scheduling. Semi private - We help you as needed with set up, planning, promotion, etc. Usually invitation only. Fully public event, listed in all of our publications and newsgroups. Coordination and planning, etc. is a cooperative effort. Click here to learn more. 

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DreamQuest is a magical herbal smoking blend. This blend was specifically formulated to aide in spiritual quests, dream workings and divination. It may be smoked or used as tea. To learn more about  DreamQuest please click on above image.

Herbs Learn more about the natural healing and holistic health benefits of herbs. 
Herbs etc.

All World Acres Florida is a not for profit  sanctuary and campground available for public and private events. Click on image above to learn more or email to;

Have questions? Please contact  Healing Today. email address;



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