Important Note:

The schedule below is tentative and fluid. It will be changed. Maybe many times. The activities are presented by gracious volunteers who have donated their time so that this experience can be created with extremely low admission fees. The focus is always on the weekend experience. A more accurate schedule will be posted at the event.

Friday, March 31
3pm – Gates Open, set up your tent, get a reading or some healing from the vendors, and socialize with the other early arrivals
6pm – Dinner at the Blue Heron Café
7pm Mama Gina in Concert at the stage
8:30pm Frame Drum Workshop led by Mama Gina at the Fire Circle
9:30pm Drum Circle at the Fire Circle

Saturday, April 1st
9am Breakfast served at the Café
9amSweatlodge with Grey Ghosthawk at the lodge
10am Yoga with the Crystal Singing Bowls with Norma & Ashley in Community Center
11am Wild Edible Walk with Sarah, meet at the stage
12pm Healing with Essential Oils with Racheal at the stage
1pm Lunch served by Café
2pm Sexual Empowerment & Healing with Niki in the Community Center
3pm Food as Medicine with Sarah at the stage
4pm Stone Mandala Creation with Sean at his vending site
5pm Native American Stone Healing with Grey Ghosthawk at the stage
6pm Dinner served by Café
7pm Group ThetaHealing with Ashley in the Community Center
8:30pm Healing with the Singing Bowls with Ashley in the Community Center

Sunday, April 2nd
9am Breakfast served at the Café
10am Practical Radiance with Ashley at the stage
11:30am Group Hypnosis with Michelle at the stage
1pm Lunch serve at Café – Café closes after lunch!
2pm Chakra Puja with Niki at the stage
3pm Talking Transitions with Mary at the stage
4pm Reiki Circle with Ashley Rae in the Community Center

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Reasons to Pre-Register
1. It cost less than at the gate.
2. Pre-registered will receive priority in activities that may have space limitations such as the sweat lodge.
3. It makes it easier for the volunteers to prepare for the event.
4. It makes it easier for the volunteers working the registration booth at the event.
5. It provides the funds necessary for event preparation.

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The Holistic Health Faire in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. Workshops, classes, seminars at this wonderful retreat sanctuary in Central Florida. The event will include training and practice of many different alternative, complementary, natural healthcare activities. Natural Health modalities and practices will include Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, Theta Healing, Native Stones, Massage therapy, Energy Healing, Intentional healing, Herbs, Qi Gong, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Meditation, Aromatherapy.