Zenfest 2017

Please note: The Cafe will serve food and drinks at reasonable prices during the event. You are welcome to bring cooler with food and beverage of your choice.
Please be aware that there is no trash service at All World Acres. Everyone is responsible for their own trash and it must go home with you.


Entry Gates close at 9pm. Do not arrive after 9pm on any evening

This is a tentative and fluid schedule that may change before or during event.

Gates Open for Guests 3:00 PM
TrebleHawk Brian 6:00PM
US 7:00 PM
Open Mic Hosted by Christina Ungstad 8-11PM
Drum Circle 12:00 AM

Chakra Dance - Norma Mora 10:00 AM
Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation - Dru Ann Welch 11:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Aaron Field 1:00 PM
Kayla Korpics 2:00 PM
The Vivid Moxie 3:00 PM
Whiskey Sharts 4:00 PM
Row Jomah 5:00 PM
Tears of a Tyrant 6:00 PM
Somatic 7:00 PM
The Reality 8:00 PM
Troy Youngblood and the Soulfish 9:00 PM
Shoeless Soul 10:00 PM
Drum Circle 11:00 PM

Qi Gong - Josh We Know 9:00 AM
Chanting and Introduction to Bhakti-Yoga - Visanti Dasi 10:00 AM
Guided by Spirit - Dru Ann Welch 11:00 AM
Frankie Raye 12:00 PM
Josh We Know 1:00 PM
The Eloquent Barbarian 2:00 PM
Introvert 3:00 PM
American Song Box 4:00 PM
Allison Wonderland & Friends 5:00 PM



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Questions? Call 813-748-0761 or email to info@healingtoday.com

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