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Reiki Classes
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are your prices for classes so much lower than others?
A: This is easily the question we get the most. We operate as a not for profit. It is our mission to share with as many people as possible. Our teachers have income from other sources so we are able to offer lower prices. We have had the same tuitions since 1999 and they have provided a fair value exchange for us and our students.

Q: Does the class provide enough time to learn Reiki?
A: Absolutely. Reiki is a natural energy healing modality and very easy to learn and master. The classes always include plenty of practice time so that students are able to experience Reiki firsthand. We have provided many complementary classes to children (9-15 years old) and they have also been able to learn and appreciate Reiki healing.

Q: What about class size?
A: We do limit the size of class. The classes will usually have 2-10 students.

Q: Do you offer support after the class?
A: Yes, we encourage contact and we have been at the same phone number, email, and website since 1999. Also we are very active sponsoring healing circles, Reiki shares, and festivals to help keep our students actively practicing.

Q: What tradition is taught at the class?
A: The classes are traditional Usui Reiki.

Q: Is there any scientific documentation on the effectiveness of Reiki.
A: Yes absolutely. There are volumes of documentation done by independent researches over decades of study. You may read some of that information here: Reiki Science.

Q: Is Reiki a religion?
A: Reiki is not a religion; it is an energy healing modality. Sometimes referred to as a healing of intent or laying on of hands.

Q: Will Reiki be compatible with my religion?
A: We strongly believe that becoming more comfortable with Reiki will help everyone to better appreciate whatever their spiritual path may be. We have had students who are clergy of every major religion and they have agreed with this.


Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, but always healing and enhancing the quality of life is Reiki.

Info on Reiki group workshops
To learn about becoming a Reiki practitioner please visit:
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Info on Reiki Home Study courses
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