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Submit Listing to Directory

Submission to the directory is included with all annual memberships to the New Universal Natural Healing Association. If you would like to submit a listing and do not want to join association, the fee for listing is $25 per year. The listing should be relevant to NUNHA members and is subject to approval.

Directory Listing Submission: Free to members.

Directory Listing Submission: $25 annual to nonmembers. Please use PayPal button below. If your listing is not approved then the amount paid will be refunded immediately. Payment will be to NUC services.

Directory Listing Submission

Please email the following info.

Category: Use existing category heading or suggest new one.
This will appear in bold print at top of listing.
Description: Describe the services and/or products you wish to offer to others (maximum 200 characters).
Link: Link to your website
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Please send to: info@healingtoday.com